About Warren Bros. Construction

Terry & Travis Warren have been in the construction and building industry since they were old enough to pick up a shovel. In 1994 they joined together to provide Central Maine with a wide array of professional earthwork services – from building site preparation, septic system installations, drainage and other work and materials you don’t see on the completion of a job, to land clearing, camp road maintenance, and all the finished high quality work you do see. Backed by their years of experience, the Warren brothers are also fully insured and D.E.P. Certified in sediment control, and have been BBB Accredited since 2004.

warrenbrosexcavating1Building Site Preparation

Let the Warren Bros. handle the entire site preparation for your new project. Whether you are building a new home, garage or barn, putting in a driveway, camp road, etc. Terry and Travis have the equipment and expertise required to start your project off on the right foot.

Septic System Installation

From selecting the ideal location, the layout of your drainage field and septic tank, to the entire installation, Terry and Travis can complete your septic system installation from start to finish. They have experience in designing and building both gravity fed and alternative septic systems in rural Central Maine.

warrenbrosescavating3Camp Road Maintenance

Central Maine is known for our beautiful lakes and both seasonal and year round camps, but four seasons are tough on our camp roads and driveways. Let Terry and Travis take the responsibility of building and caring for your camp roads and driveways year round, so when you finally load up your car and head to the lake, you’ll have a smooth ride in.

Land Clearing

There is a lot to consider when you start to think about clearing land. The landscape, type of soil, amount of vegetation, environmental concerns, etc. can make clearing land a difficult task, with many types of machinery needed for the proper finish. Terry and Travis Warren specialize in this line of work, with a full line of excavating equipment to get the job done right. Contact the Warren Bros. for a free consultation.

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